What Women are Saying about Egg Freezing

Unlike past generations, women today are waiting longer to start their families because they’re completing higher education, looking for their life partner or climbing the career ladder. Our patients who froze their eggs shared their […]

The New Improved Egg Freezing Website

Fertility preservation with egg freezing is the best way for women to secure their chances of having a healthy baby naturally when women get older. As more and more women are putting off motherhood for […]

Egg Freezing Seminar Today With Egg Freezing Specialist David Diaz, MD in Orange County

Join Dr. David Diaz for an intimate discussion about female fertility and the powerful option of egg freezing.

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 6PM
Location: West Coast Fertility Centers at 11160 Warner Ave., Suite 411 in […]

Watch Video of World’s First Reunion of Babies Born from Egg Freezing

“This baby reunion is unique because it celebrates the pioneering families and their babies conceived from thawed frozen eggs. Nearly 70 joyous families and their frozen egg babies came together on October 15, 2011 to […]

Patients Who Utilized Egg Freezing and Frozen Eggs to Achieve Pregnancy at West Coast Fertility Centers

David Diaz, MD, CEO of Frozen Egg Bank Inc. and West Coast Fertility Centers has always been on the scientific forefront of finding real solutions for real human needs because he understands that unanticipated life […]