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Frozen Egg Bank, located in Orange County California, uses the exclusive patent pending LANDA Technology to freeze unfertilized eggs. Frozen Egg Bank has perfected a method of successfully freezing and storing the eggs from healthy young egg donors to create one of the most successful egg bank in the country, offering egg donation IVF.

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4 Frozen Egg Pregnancies in 4 Days Using 2 Egg Freezing Techniques

West Coast Fertility Center (WCFC) and Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB) announce a major advance involving their well recognized frozen egg program. A leader in egg freezing technology since 2000, WCFC and its research partner FEB, have treated women using eggs frozen and thawed by two completely different freezing techniques. Some of the eggs in this report have been frozen in the clinic’s cryo-laboratory for as long as 5 years.

Summary of Four Frozen Egg Cases

1. In the time frame of 4 days this week (March 4 – 7, 2013), one woman used her own eggs, frozen by the slow freeze technology 5 years ago after in-vitro fertilization, when she chose to freeze her surplus eggs instead of embryos. This is her second pregnancy using frozen eggs.

2. Another woman, diagnosed with low ovarian function, accepted the option of using vitrified donor eggs instead of the riskier, more expensive fresh donor eggs. She became pregnant on her very first attempt.

3. A third woman, who previously delivered a healthy baby from frozen egg, wanted a sibling for her first child. Two blastocysts from slow frozen eggs were transferred resulting in an excellent level of pregnancy hormone for this fortunate mother and father. They requested the same donor to insure a genetic link for their children.

4. A fourth woman, living out of state was offered frozen donor eggs at a West Coast Fertility affiliated clinic. Using the egg freezing solutions perfected at WCFC, the doctors and staff at the clinic succeeded in helping another of their patients become pregnant using frozen donor eggs.

Both Freezing Techniques (Slow Freeze and Vitrification) Offered at Frozen Egg Bank, Inc.

Egg Freezing Slow Freeze Process

Egg Freezing Vitrification Process

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Press Release October 31, 2012
Frozen Egg Bank Inc. and its Founder, Dr. David Diaz, Celebrate with ASRM as the Experimental Label is Removed from Egg Freezing
October 2012 is especially memorable at Frozen Egg Bank Inc, located in Orange County California, as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the “experimental” label from human egg freezing. Founded by David Diaz, MD in 2005, the mission of Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB) has been to develop efficient egg freezing techniques that lead to successful live births. In October 2005, FEB witnessed the birth of the first frozen egg baby, Cadyn Elizabeth, now a bright and beautiful child. More than 70 live births later, FEB was privileged to host the “World’s First Reunion of Babies Born from Frozen Eggs.” A study presented at the ASRM meeting on October 24, 2012 showed the freezing and thawing technique used by FEB has a greater efficiency than the vitrification technique among all egg banks sampled in the study.

Since the year 2000, David Diaz, MD and Antoine La, ELD, working on egg freezing at West Coast Fertility Centers (WCFC) in Orange County California, focused on developing protocols to successfully dehydrate cellular water from the egg and replace it with cryoprotectant solutions to shield the egg organelles from crystal formation and toxicity. Changes were made in temperature settings, concentrations of solutions and limited time exposure to the chemicals.

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Press Release August 8, 2012
Orange County Fertility Specialist, David Diaz MD, Perfected a Specialized Egg Freezing Technique Making Frozen Donor Eggs Accessible & Affordable with New Lower Pricing

The patent-pending egg freezing technology developed by Frozen Egg Bank and West Coast Fertility Centers located in Orange County, California makes it possible and affordable for intended parents to conveniently select frozen eggs procured from healthy, rigorously screened donor candidates. The egg freezing technique minimizes ice crystal formation during the egg freezing process and yields a frozen egg survival rate of 91% after thawing. This egg freezing success rate has led to the births of over 70 healthy children and the world’s first frozen egg baby reunion hosted by Dr. David Diaz in October 2011.

Women with diminished fertility potential due to advancing age or poor egg quality may be advised to use “younger eggs” from a donor to improve their chance of pregnancy. The patent-pending egg freezing innovation developed by Frozen Egg Bank and West Coast Fertility Centers dramatically improves the efficiency of the egg donation process thus minimizing the cost of donor egg fertility treatment for the intended parents.

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Press Release March 15, 2012
Help extend your fertility by acting now to freeze your eggs while they’re still healthy! Make no mistake that a woman’s fertility declines steadily after reaching peak levels between ages 18 and 25. After the age of 35 the average woman’s fertility drops by about one half! By age 40 the average fertility rate is 15% of that of a woman at age 25.

This decline in pregnancy continues until it reaches very low levels of 1% or less per month at age 44 and beyond. Because of the reduced number of eggs and their suboptimal quality, there is a higher incidence of abnormal embryos resulting in more miscarriages. Preserving oocytes while they are healthy is a proactive step which can be taken by young women.

To learn more about the entire process of Egg Freezing, we encourage you to visit Please call our office at 714-513-1399 for any questions and consultation scheduling.

Press Release November 11, 2011

World’s First Frozen Egg Baby Reunion: A New Generation of Motherhood
This baby reunion is unique because it celebrates the pioneering families and their babies conceived from thawed frozen eggs. Nearly 70 joyous families and their frozen egg babies came together on October 15, 2011 to celebrate LIFE at West Coast Fertility Centers.

Previously, the low success described in early published medical articles about egg freezing seemed to perpetuate the false notion that egg freezing is not successful and would never become a reality. However, building on the high success rate with embryo freezing at West Coast Fertility Centers, David Diaz, MD turned his focus to the systematic analysis of the physiology and the fluid composition of a human oocyte (eggs). West Coast scientists recognized the oocyte’s special requirements needed to survive the rigors of very low freezing temperature while still maintaining its integrity. Equally important is the development of a robust thaw protocol that insures the survival of the egg when ready to be fertilized.

Since the human egg is the largest cell in the body and is composed mostly of water, the formation of ice during freezing can disrupt the egg’s internal microscopic contents and its outer membrane. David Diaz, MD, FACOG and Antoine La, ELD, EMB invented a patent pending method of egg freezing that is currently used/studied at 7 fertility centers around the country.

Rarely discussed by the media is the fact that the vast majority of clinics offering egg freezing today have never even attempted to thaw a single one of their patients’ eggs. This is a glaring example of why egg freezing is still considered “investigational.” Nevertheless, in the hands of experienced practitioners who practice the art of egg freezing, the success rate in the favorable patient age group approximates those of a fresh IVF cycle. Egg freezing and thawing should be left to veteran experts who perform it frequently and practice it well.

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Press Release October 14, 2010
First Frozen Egg Baby Celebrates Fifth Birthday at West Coast Fertility Centers

Cadyn is a very special little girl. Although she turned five years old on October 6, 2010, the eggs from which she was conceived were frozen in 2001 at the egg freezing program at West Coast Fertility Centers, located in Orange County, California. West Coast is considered one of the leading Centers in the country specializing in the field of fertility preservation. The Center pioneered a freezing method called the Landa Freezing Technology capable of storing embryos and eggs for young patients with cancer and women who wish to extend their fertile years until they are ready to start a family.

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Press Release August 10, 2010
Egg Freezing Liberates Women from the Biologic Clock—Learn How with Upcoming Seminar & Webinar

On September 1st, 2010, West Coast Fertility Centers will sponsor a unique educational seminar to educate and empower women on the topic of preserving their fertility. Whether for medical reasons or personal choice, women can learn how to liberate themselves from the biologic clock.

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Press Release November 30, 2009
Frozen Egg Bank Network Expands Coast to Coast to Help Prospective Parents Start a Family

Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB) has launched a new era in reproductive medicine as a group of charter member IVF centers in six states – California, Nevada, Utah, New York, New Jersey and Tennessee – join the national provider of human egg freezing and thawing services. The network is designed to provide fertility preservation by freezing the healthy eggs of young women for medical or elective reasons.

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Press Release January 16, 2009
Egg Freezing – ABC KGO-TV News Interview

On January 16, 2009, Dr. David Diaz met with Carolyn Johnson, an ABC News producer and spoke on Frozen Egg Bank, Inc.’s latest developments on unfertilized egg freezing. This revolutionary development of the freezing of oocytes or unfertilized eggs is a fertility procedure now available for women or couples wishing to safely preserve their eggs.

cbs news on Egg Freezing

Press Release November 30, 2009
Egg Freeze Turns Back Clock – CBS News Online

The freezing of sperm and of embryos are routine parts of today’s infertility treatments. But freezing a woman’s unfertilized eggs is a much newer technique that may also allow healthy women to save their eggs for use later in life if they want to delay having children.

On The Early Show’s infertility series, Dr. David Diaz gives information on how to freeze a woman’s eggs and the possibilities this procedure offers.

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Watch Educational Video: Cancer Patient Freezes Eggs

Watch Educational Video: Safety of Egg Freezing

Press Release July 22, 2005
Orange County Fertility Center Banks on Frozen Eggs Among the First Centers to Offer Egg Banking – The Orange County Register, July 22, 2005

Women delaying childbirth or searching for a more cost-effective means of obtaining donor eggs can now take advantage of an egg bank at West Coast Fertility Centers in Fountain Valley. As reported by MSNBC news on July 20, 2005, there are only a few specialized fertility centers offering egg freezing as an option to fertility patients.

After years of research and testing, West Coast has perfected the process of freezing, thawing and fertilizing a woman’s eggs.

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Press Release January 15, 2009
Fertility in Reserve – Article in L.A. Times February 2, 2002

After years of technical obtacles, scientists have found ways to freeze eggs for later use, helping women whose ability to have babies is threatened by disease or aging.

The bad news piled up on Shannon Lee faster than she could absorb it. At 31, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only would she need a double mastectomy, the subsequent radiation and chemotherapy could leave her sterile, ending her dream of having a baby. But Lee’s doctor gave her hope.

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