Information About Payment

Cost of donor egg ivfThe financial aspect of any fertility procedure is an important consideration. Please remember that a health insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance provider and any questions you have should be addressed directly with the insurance carrier. Neither Frozen Egg Bank Inc nor its parent company West Coast Fertility Center, will become involved with any disagreements arising between you and your insurance carrier.

Services related to acquiring donor eggs, whether fresh or frozen, are not covered by medical insurance policies or by employer sponsored health insurance benefits. The same can be said about preserving your own oocytes for future fertility.

Since our egg freezing and thawing services are purely elective, payment for these procedures is expected before a prospective client can initiate treatment related to the management of any infertility problem and before purchase of frozen donor eggs is undertaken. The same can be said of patients who electively wish to freeze their own eggs for future fertility.

Our business office can assist you with payment as follows: Cashier’s check payable to Frozen Egg Bank, Inc; Visa or Master Card issued by a bank in the United States . They can be reached at 714-513-1399 ext 104.

Basic Package (6 eggs)……………………………………..$18,000 $15,000 – Limited Time Special for Frozen Donor Eggs
Premium Package (12 eggs)…………………………… ..$28,000

The Purchase Fee includes the following:

  • Thaw the frozen donor eggs
  • Wash and prep the intended sperm sample
  • Inseminate the surviving thawed eggs using the ICSI technique
  • Begin embryology laboratory culture of the inseminated eggs
  • Documented fertilization 16 hours of culture
  • Culture embryos to cleavage stage for 3 days
  • Perform extended culture of embryos to day 5
  • Load blastocysts (2) under microscopy
  • Prepare procedure room, supplies, ultrasound guided embryo transfer
  • Recovery room fees
  • Freezing of any unused extra embryos

Why do we thaw a group of just 6 eggs?

Due to the refinements made to our egg thaw media solutions, we have achieved a thaw survival rate of 91% and an embryo growth rate of 85% which has yielded a 52% pregnancy rate by thawing just 6 eggs. This is a remarkable improvement in efficiency when compared to previous techniques where a larger number of eggs was thawed yet it resulted in a very low pregnancy rate. Our laboratory has a combined experience of over 20 years in the freezing of embryos and later, in the freezing of oocytes.

Some patients wish to avoid later financial concerns by purchasing more than the usual 6 eggs which can be used if the first attempt was unsuccessful. Our premium package of 12 eggs is offered to couples who want to ensure they will have eggs from the same donor for a possible second procedure and to secure the same genetic material for a sibling child. The 6 eggs remain frozen in our laboratory until needed or in your physician’s laboratory until you decide to use them.


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