Success Rates

“Freezing Eggs Since Before it was Cool”

Improvements in freezing solutions led to a surprisingly high survival after egg thaw of 91% even after being frozen for up to four years.

West Coast Fertility Centers have been able to achieve these success rates by thawing just 6 frozen eggs at a time.

The Safety of Egg Freezing

The safety of West Coast Fertility Center’s freezing solutions was demonstrated by undertaking a study visualizing the DNA in the egg’s chromosomes and the egg’s meiotic spindle apparatus. These are critical structures in the egg responsible for normal cell division.

This provided important evidence that ice crystal formation did not develop in frozen eggs with the protective effects of WCFC’s programmed freezing solutions. Furthermore, there was no damage using the concentrations of chemicals found in WCFC’s freezing and thawing solutions.

The meiotic spindle fibers and DNA are intact after egg thawing at FEB.

Healthy Babies Born from Egg Freezing at FEB

West Coast Fertility Centers have carefully tracked the health of over 100 babies born from frozen eggs in a single program (WCFC). This birth registry is operated using oversight from an institutional review board (IRB). Thus far, no major birth defects have been reported by the babies’ parents up to one year after birth. These data are similar to those reported for children born after frozen embryo births.

In October 2011, we were honored to host the world’s first baby reunion of the parents and children born from frozen eggs through our program. This landmark event was held to recognize the pioneering parents who placed their confidence in our program.