How to become an egg donor

Becoming an egg donorWhat is Egg Donation?

Many couples who want to have children find it difficult or impossible to conceive because of certain medical conditions such as advanced maternal age. In such cases, egg donation has enabled  women whose ovaries do not produce enough healthy eggs, to become pregnant using healthy eggs from an egg donor.

If you apply to become an egg donor, you will be providing the gift of life to women who desperately wish to have their own children. Donor candidates must schedule several office visits with us before they may be accepted to our program. These visits will include a complete physical and gynecological exam and providing a medical and family history plus undergoing blood and urine tests and a psychological evaluation. You will also be informed by a program coordinator about your rights and responsibilities before being considered for egg donation. You must read a detailed informed consent and verbalize your understanding of the egg donation process.

In order to establish a pregnancy with your donated eggs, in vitro fertilization (IVF) must be performed. First, you will receive a series of fertility drugs, some of which must be injected, to stimulate your ovaries to produce several eggs at one time. While using the drugs, you will have frequent monitoring in our clinic, using ultrasound and blood tests. When the eggs are mature, removing them from your ovaries involves an ultrasound guided vaginal procedure under intravenous sedation. The egg harvest and post operative observation takes about two hours. You will be scheduled for a check-up in a few days after the egg harvest, with additional follow-up visits at two months, four months and 6 months after your egg retrieval as part of the egg quarantine process. At the 6 month visit,  your egg donation cycle will be completed. During the 6 month follow-up you may undergo more than one egg donation cycle and will be paid accordingly.

Following the egg harvest, your eggs will be frozen until the intended parents are ready to proceed. After inseminating the eggs with sperm, the resulting embryos will be grown in our laboratory and then they will be transferred into the uterus of the recipient. If she becomes pregnant and delivers a child, she will be considered as the birth mother and therefore, the legal mother of that child even though the child was conceived with your eggs.

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