Frozen Donor Eggs Reverse the Biologic Clock

Frozen Egg Bank Inc. in California Offers Frozen Donor Eggs to Restore Fertility

Welcome To Frozen Egg Bank (FEB), a Division of West Coast Fertility Centers

We welcome you to Frozen Egg Bank, the premiere facility in the United States, dedicated to the freezing and distribution of donor eggs and electively freezing the eggs of women wishing to preserve their fertility. FEB was founded in 2005 as a division of its parent company, West Coast Fertility Centers (WCFC) located in Orange County, California. For more than 20 years, WCFC has served the needs of infertile patients offering our award winning personalized service, innovative technology and nationally certified and FDA registered laboratories. Our founder is David Diaz, MD, a Harvard trained reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist Certified by the American Board of OB/GYN. He is the clinical director of both FEB and WCFC and has practiced continuously for over 20 years. Dr. Diaz has successfully treated infertile patients from around the world as well as thousands of California residents. His fluency in English, Spanish and French have made him the doctor of choice for patients who wish to be under his care and still feel comfortable communicating clearly and effectively. 4 Frozen Egg Pregnancies in 4 Days Using 2 Egg Freezing Techniques -“No one knows more about Egg Freezing in the Western U.S. than West Coast Fertility Centers and Frozen Egg Bank, Inc.” Read Article

How Can Frozen Egg Bank (FEB) Help You Achieve Pregnancy

Advanced Maternal Age and Decreased Fertility

Fertility in humans is notoriously inefficient and it is estimated that only 25% of all fertilized human eggs eventually results in implantation. The remainder can undergo arrest of development leading to failed implantation; others may carry chromosome abnormalities incompatible with life, another cause of failed implantation or miscarriage. To a great extent, a woman’s age plays a major role in achieving successful pregnancy because of the negative impact of age on her egg quality. This does not imply that a woman is unhealthy by any means. The woman’s uterus and overall health status may be strong and robust even into her late 40’s. Therefore generally speaking from the reproductive perspective, women in their late 30’s and beyond, possess oocytes (eggs) which are less likely to form healthy, robust embryos which in turn leads to lower pregnancy rates, an increase in the rate of birth defects and a greater risk of miscarriage. Graph 1. illustrates the enormous egg attrition (loss) which occurs normally in the vast majority of women. The graph depicts that starting in early human development; over 95% of the eggs a woman carries have undergone atresia (cell death). In the remaining eggs, numerous errors occur in the internal mechanisms, leading to abnormal development of a subsequent embryo.

GRAPH 1. The Attrition of Human Eggs from Birth to Menopause

PHOTO 1. The Blastocysts from Slow Freeze and Vitrification

“Twice Frozen Eggs” Yield Equal Blastocyst Formation with Slow Freeze or Vitrification

Advances in the treatment of infertility such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) have resulted in the birth of millions of children worldwide. Genetic screening can determine if a given embryo carries the normal number of chromosomes and avoid replacing defective embryos in the uterus. However, even the miracle of IVF cannot repair damaged eggs or reverse the effect of aging on human eggs.

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Pregnancy Rates According To Female Age Groups

A clear illustration of the age related decline in pregnancy rates according to a woman’s age is demonstrated in the following (Graph 2).

Graph 2.

IVF success rates at West Coast Fertility Center:

 Age of Women <35 35-37 38-40 >40 Egg Donor
 Initial Pregnancy Rate/ET Fresh Cycles 60.6% 61.1% 35.9% 0/9  
 Live Birth Rate/Ongoing Pregnancy/ ET Fresh Cycles 50% 55.6% 33.3% 0/3 63.6%

Patients in the favorable age group <37 years old had the highest pregnancy rates due to robust, favorable quality oocytes compared to women 38-40 years old and dramatically higher than patients >40 years old. Notably, the age related decline can be reversed by using donor eggs from young women in their mid 20’s, known as Donor Egg IVF. West Coast fertility Center and Frozen Egg Bank have revolutionized the science of donor egg treatment by developing a method of FREEZING the eggs of young donors from different ethnic backgrounds to accommodate the needs of our prospective clients.


Building on more than 10 years experience, the team at WCFC developed a method to preserve the eggs from young egg donors and subsequently established Frozen Egg Bank, Inc., the premiere facility in the nation offering frozen donor eggs. This option gives our clients the best possible chance for pregnancy using donor eggs immediately available without the need to overcome the obstacles associated with traditional method of finding, examining and screening donors who may still be ineligible after months of waiting by the future parents.

FROZEN EGG BANK, INC. = Egg Freezing Research and Innovation = Success

Using our proprietary egg freezing technique, we have achieved the highest success rates in the survival of frozen/thawed eggs of 91% which has led to a pregnancy success rate comparable to using fresh eggs in achieving pregnancy. GRAPH 3 illustrates our findings.


Results of Egg Freezing Success at Frozen Egg Bank, Inc/West Coast Fertility As depicted above, our results show that pregnancy can be achieved with high success using only six frozen/thawed eggs with the transfer of 2 high quality embryos derived from frozen eggs.

Intended Parents …..Taking the First Step

We invite prospective parents to learn more about our innovative technology by contacting the facilitators at FEB who can assist you in making the best donor match based on the traits you request to help palace you on the pathway to parenthood. You may also obtain more information by visiting our Intended Parent section of our web site…..(link) if you prefer to speak directly to a member of our staff, please contact our center at 714-513-1399; ask to speak to the Frozen Egg coordinator. FROZEN EGG BANK, INC. David Diaz, MD, Amer Board OB/GYN Clinical Program Director 714-513-1399


With egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) as a young woman you can achieve reproductive freedom by storing your healthy unfertilized eggs (oocytes) until a time in the future when you are ready to begin your family. Egg freezing is a great way to "preserve" your fertility without feeling the pressures of the “biologic clock”. At Frozen Egg Bank, Inc., the exclusive patent pending LANDA Technology is used to freeze unfertilized eggs. Reasons you might choose this option:

  • Electively to preserve young oocytes for future pregnancy or
  • To protect the eggs, if you were recently diagnosed with cancer.

(Read more on age and female fertility and determine if Egg Freezing is right for you.)

You might not know that pregnancy success rates of Frozen Egg Bank patients using frozen unfertilized eggs, are comparable to the pregnancy rates achieved with frozen embryos. Egg Freezing research shows that there is no compromise in success rates when the two methods are compared. The data from these findings have been presented in recent years at the annual meetings of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Egg Freezing Promotional Offer for Spring 2013: Freeze Your Eggs with a Friend or Sister -Pay for one egg freezing procedure and get the second at 1/2 off regular pricing View details


Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. has perfected a method of successfully freezing and storing the eggs from healthy young egg donors to create one of the most successful egg bank in the country, offering egg donation IVF. If your fertility treatment requires donor egg IVF, the frozen donor eggs are made available to you. Take a look at the egg donation step-by-step process, compare frozen donor eggs vs. traditional egg donation programs and then contact us Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. patients over age 40 often wish to attempt IVF with their own eggs at least once before considering other options. Despite heroic efforts and high dose medications to stimulate egg production, the ovaries are often unresponsive and no egg growth will occur. In these cases, it is often possible to “rescue” the current cycle by offering the patient the chance to use frozen eggs from, selecting from the diverse group of Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. donor eggs. This can save time and financial resources by utilizing a cycle that is already underway. Our egg donors are from a variety of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. They have been carefully screened, then tested medically and psychologically to be accepted into our egg bank. Each donor’s background and characteristics are catalogued as an egg donor profile and made available for review by our intended mothers, thus insuring a close physical match. Because the eggs are already frozen and stored securely, we can avoid many of the headaches usually associated with locating the egg donor and synchronizing the ovarian cycle of the donor and the intended mother. This also eliminates the egg donor’s travel costs often incurred by the future parents.