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Meet Katie

My name is Katie and I am many things in this world. I am a mama to probably the cutest, smartest and funniest seventeen month old little boy. I am a wife of three years to my best friend. I am a daughter to two wonderful parents and a sister to a pretty cool brother.

I […]

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The Stigma Attached to Infertility

As a little girl, I used to daydream about being a mother. Of course I’d be married to a handsome guy and we would have three perfect babies, two boys and a girl. As I got older, I hung on to the dream and always assumed when the time came, achieving that dream would be […]

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What Is Egg Freezing?

So you’ve mapped out your future and everything is planned down to the month. You’ll have the keys to that executive wash room after your 10th year of ladder climbing. There will be a few cruises to the Caribbean, that leap out of a plane to land on a target in the middle of a […]

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Video Testimonial of First Frozen Egg Baby Born in California

Cadyn’s mom was busy establishing her career as a business entrepreneur when one day she decided it was time to have a baby and start her family. She asked Dr. David Diaz at the egg freezing program at Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. in partnership with West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County, California to thaw […]

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Egg Freezing Cost Comparison

Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. has been a pioneer in the science of egg freezing since the year 2000. Given our experience and success rates in egg freezing, we are able to offer our patients the most affordable price for egg freezing at $7,000 compared to other less experienced egg freezing facilities who offer egg freezing […]

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What Women are Saying about Egg Freezing

Unlike past generations, women today are waiting longer to start their families because they’re completing higher education, looking for their life partner or climbing the career ladder. Our patients who froze their eggs shared their reasons on why egg freezing was important to them.

“I did not want my biological clock to dictate when I should […]

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