The Egg Freezing Process – I’ve Been Vitrified!

Ever since I ran across the term vitrification, the scientific word for the hi-tech method used to freeze women’s eggs for a potential future shot at fertilization, I have had a vision of David Letterman dressed in an icicle-covered egg suit with a heavily patterned bright tie, staring googly-eyed at the camera saying, “I’ve been [...]

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The ART of Egg Freezing

When I think of ART and egg freezing, I picture delicately painted Easter eggs; the yolks yanked out magically, squinting to see the details of tiny landscapes or portraits preserved for as long as time and care permit the fragile shell to exist. The amount of effort, time and commitment it must take to make [...]

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Vitrification versus Conventional – Which Method is Better?

Electing to freeze your eggs is a big decision with a lot of factors to consider. The first that must be considered is whether or not you are a good candidate, followed closely by physical and financial factors. However, your research of egg freezing should not stop there. The process in which eggs are frozen [...]

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The Vitrification Cryopreservation Method

The process of egg freezing has advanced immensely in recent years, thanks in large part to vitrification. Vitrification is a process used to rapidly freeze oocytes, or human eggs. The perfection of this process allows women to freeze their unfertilized eggs until they are ready for them to be implanted. The Challenge of Egg Freezing [...]

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The Conventional Cryopreservation Method

Currently, there are two different processes that are largely utilized by Reproductive Endocrinologists to freeze oocytes, or unfertilized human eggs. These two processes are vitrification and the conventional, or slow-freeze, method. For over three decades, the slow-freeze method has been utilized to freeze embryos. However, until recently, the slow-freeze method was unreliable and hard to [...]

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Egg Freezing is Not an Experiment

The world of assisted reproductive technology (ART) has seen rapid growth over the past decade. Perhaps one of the most exciting advances was the advent of egg freezing. There are many pros for women wishing to freeze their eggs, which up until recently, was labeled as experimental. However, in 2012, the American Society of Reproductive [...]

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What is an Oocyte?

We learn in biology class that a woman produces an egg, the man produces some sperm, they meet up during intercourse, and a baby is created. But what comes before the egg? The answer to that question is an oocyte. While women are born with upwards of a million oocytes, by the time they reach [...]

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Egg Freezing Cost Comparison

West Coast Fertility has been a pioneer in the science of egg freezing since the year 2000. Our egg freezing and thawing techniques have resulted in the births of over 200 babies. Our center has one of the largest experiences dedicated to the science of ovarian stimulation, egg harvesting, processing and expertly freezing eggs for [...]

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Shattering the MISCONCEPTION that Egg Freezing is “Experimental and has Dismal Success Rates”

Our medical and scientific team at West Coast Fertility Centers has conducted very promising research leading to a patent pending method of egg freezing called the LANDA Freezing Technology which has reported a much higher frozen egg pregnancy rate compared to other published data. Our LANDA Technology for egg freezing and thawing (cryopreservation) has resulted [...]

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Sperm Frozen for Seven Years Results in Pregnancy For most men facing cancer treatment, the thought of future fertility is not even a concern. Fortunately, Juan, a patient at our center did not view it that way. At the age of 20, he received devastating news that he had been diagnosed with cancer. In 1999, Juan came to West Coast Fertility Centers [...]

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