Egg Freezing & Corporate Benefits

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of press about egg freezing. Facebook, Apple, and Citigroup announced late last year that their benefits would now cover the cost for women to freeze their eggs. Heck, even Kim Kardashian went to a consult appointment on her show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. Of course, [...]

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Meet Katie

My name is Katie, and I am many things in this world. I am a mama to probably the cutest, smartest and funniest seventeen-month-old little boy. I am a wife of three years to my best friend. I am a daughter of two wonderful parents and a sister to a pretty cool brother. I am [...]

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Egg Freezing Cost Comparison

West Coast Fertility has been a pioneer in the science of egg freezing since the year 2000. Our egg freezing and thawing techniques have resulted in the births of over 200 babies. Our center has one of the largest experiences dedicated to the science of ovarian stimulation, egg harvesting, processing and expertly freezing eggs for [...]

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The New Improved Egg Freezing Website

Fertility preservation with egg freezing is the best way for women to secure their chances of having a healthy baby naturally when women get older. As more and more women are putting off motherhood for personal, financial or medical reasons, egg freezing is the popular choice for reproductive freedom. Young, robust eggs can be safely [...]

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Patients Who Utilized Egg Freezing and Frozen Eggs to Achieve Pregnancy at West Coast Fertility Centers

David Diaz, MD, CEO of West Coast Fertility Centers has always been on the scientific forefront of finding real solutions for real human needs because he understands that unanticipated life events can threaten a woman’s reproduction. Cancer at a young age, career demands, single marital status, or a depleted ovarian function can all endanger a [...]

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First Frozen Egg Baby Turns 6 Years Old Today

Happy 6th Birthday to adorable Cadyn Elizabeth, our first frozen egg baby born at West Coast Fertility Centers. Cadyn is a very special little girl. Although she turned 6 today, the eggs from which she was conceived were frozen in 2001 at the egg freezing program at West Coast Fertility Centers, the leading center in [...]

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“Helping Women Touched by Cancer Become Mothers”

West Coast Fertility Centers has partnered up with Fertile Action because we both share the same goal to educate and assist women newly diagnosed with cancer understand and take action to preserve their fertility through egg freezing before undergoing cancer treatments that can cause infertility. Many wonderful plans are in the works and we’ll soon [...]

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Egg Freezing and Thawing Should Be Left to Experienced Experts Who Practice It Often and Practice It Well

Human eggs are fragile whether they are freshly harvested or frozen and thawed. They are large, water filled cells that require a meticulous preparation before freezing and subsequent thawing. Unfortunately for the consumer, the vast majority of clinics offering “egg freezing” have never even attempted to thaw a single one of their patients’ eggs. This [...]

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Tax Credit Bill to Preserve Fertility for Cancer Patients – Your Support is Needed

A bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate that would provide eligible taxpayers a tax credit for the out-of-pocket expenses related to IVF and treatments to preserve fertility for cancer patients. A warm thank you goes to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) who introduced the bill which is appropriately named the Family Act of 2011, S965. [...]

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The Legend of Easter Eggs

We wish you and your family a very Happy Easter from David Diaz, MD, and his team. Long before Christianity, the Pagan tribes of Europe worshipped a beautiful goddess of spring named Eostre. The Pagans were country dwellers who believed that everything had a spirit so there were gods and goddesses for all aspects of [...]

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