Fertility preservation with egg freezing is the best way for women to secure their chances of having a healthy baby naturally when women get older. As more and more women are putting off motherhood for personal, financial or medical reasons, egg freezing is the popular choice for reproductive freedom. Young, robust eggs can be safely harvested and cryopreserved until the woman is ready for childbearing and family.

The new website outlines the many real-life scenarios that women face and discusses how oocyte cryopreservation can alleviate the worry tendencies that can arise with the ticking of the fertility clock. The abundance of egg freezing information along with the ease of navigation makes it desirable for women to learn all that they ever wanted know about egg freezing.

The fertility clock and fertility calculator on can estimate a woman’s monthly pregnancy rate depending on her age. Valuable egg freezing testimonials are provided from women who underwent the process. Hear their stories about what led them to freeze their eggs and what advice they have for other women contemplating freezing their eggs.

West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County, Southern California has been the leader in egg freezing technology since the year 2000 with high success rates. Egg cryopreservation research started with an interest in finding a solution for young female patients diagnosed with cancer the ability to preserve their fertility before anti-cancer treatments.