Unlike past generations, women today are waiting longer to start their families because they’re completing higher education, looking for their life partner or climbing the career ladder. Our patients who froze their eggs shared their reasons on why egg freezing was important to them.

“I did not want my biological clock to dictate when I should get married and have children.”

“I wanted to take the pressure off myself of finding Mr. Right right away.”

“Freezing my eggs bought me time to pursue my career goals.”

“I was able to enjoy dating and getting to know men as potential friends first, rather than scouting them immediately to be ‘the one’.”

“I felt a large sense of relief, gratitude, and pride knowing that I had done everything within my own reach to give myself the option of having a family in the near future.”

“I didn’t intentionally delay having children nor plan to get a divorce. My life and my fertility veered off course temporarily.”

“It’s more about finding the right person to have a child with and wanting to witness the combination of our characteristics in that child.”

“Freezing my eggs has enabled me to stop worrying about whether I’ll have a chance to have children before the end of my reproductive timeline.”

“It was just maybe I should freeze my eggs, the same way one would think maybe I should start an IRA – it’s an investment for the future.”

Preserve your fertility with egg freezing. Harvest your robust eggs during favorable years and thaw them when you’re ready for pregnancy in your personal and professional life. To schedule your egg freezing consultation with Dr. David Diaz, please call 714-513-1399 or contact us online.