Video Testimonial of First Frozen Egg Baby Born in California Cadyn’s mom was busy establishing her career as a business entrepreneur when one day she decided it was time to have a baby and start her family. She asked Dr. David Diaz at the egg freezing program at West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County, California to thaw the frozen eggs and inseminate them [...]

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What Women are Saying about Egg Freezing Unlike past generations, women today are waiting longer to start their families because they’re completing higher education, looking for their life partner or climbing the career ladder. Our patients who froze their eggs shared their reasons on why egg freezing was important to them. “I did not want my biological clock to dictate when [...]

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Donor Eggs May Be the Only Viable Option for Aging Women

Egg Freezing is similar to “fertility life insurance” where it will provide peace of mind for a woman who wishes to delay childbearing. Make the choice to preserve your fertility by freezing your eggs. The graph below shows that a successful live birth is dependent on the age of the eggs used, not on the [...]

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Why Yvonne Chose Elective Egg Freezing to Preserve Her Fertility

Being a 34 year old female, I have thought about egg freezing for 2 years. I did not want my biological clock to dictate when I should get married and have children. After reading about Dr. Diaz and all the great work he has done, I decided to proceed. The staff at West Coast Fertility [...]

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Egg Donors Share Their Experiences at West Coast Fertility

I am a repeat donor with West Coast Fertility. It has been a privilege to work with Dr. Diaz and his staff. Their professionalism and relationships with their patients is above and beyond any I have ever seen. I am glad I was able to share my passion for helping others with them and would [...]

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An Egg Donor Shares Her Story

After graduating from college, I was restless and unsure of what my next step should be. Family and friends told me how proud they were of me for finishing school, but I thought, what’s the big deal? It led to me think about my life and things I accomplished thus far. I compiled a mental [...]

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Touching Comments from Our Valued Patients

Thank you Dr. Diaz and staff for bringing us closer to our dream of having a baby. We are so grateful for your treating us more like a family, giving us hope and happiness. The staff are so kind, sensitive, and professional. Special thanks to Joan for holding my hands and giving me hugs at [...]

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An Egg Freezing Miracle! How Baby Emilee Faith Was Conceived

Emilee Faith's Story Through Pictures Shown are Stephanie's Dad, Dr. David Diaz, Stephanie's Mom, Stephanie, and her husband Rob. August 2009: Stephanie and Rob are so delighted to be pregnant from her own frozen eggs and is seen here proudly sharing her first baby ultrasound pictures. Stephanie, Rob and the future grandparents [...]

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Letter From Grandmother

To Frozen Egg Bank From One Delighted Grandmother West Coast Fertility Centers recently received an email from the grandmother (and also former patient) of newborn twins born from frozen eggs. The proud grandmother had this to say: Dear Wonderful Office Staff of Dr. Diaz, My stepdaughter has given birth to healthy twin boys. After much [...]

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