Egg Freezing is similar to “fertility life insurance” where it will provide peace of mind for a woman who wishes to delay childbearing. Make the choice to preserve your fertility by freezing your eggs.

The graph below shows that a successful live birth is dependent on the age of the eggs used, not on the age of the mother. Women in their 40’s can achieve the same pregnancy success as 25 year olds if they use donor eggs that are provided by younger women—or their own younger, preserved eggs through the process of egg freezing.


Read a heartfelt quote from our valued patient who used frozen donor eggs.

Dear Dr. Diaz and wonderful staff,

As I sit here in our nursery watching our two little angels sleep, I am overwhelmed by the collective effort that it took for them to be here. When we first arrived in your office, on a co-workers’ referral, we were hopeful but skeptical. Soon after, we were overwhelmed by the fact that I would not be able to conceive a child on my own. Frozen egg donation was not something we ever considered, but as our only option we decided to give it a try.

We are so glad that we took the leap of faith and moved forward with the transfer. During every step of the way, the staff was there for us with encouraging words and great advice. They became our other family.

The journey was not easy, but worth every minute. We were so lucky to have been blessed with two miracles on our first try. Now, eight months later, they sleep soundly in their crib as a testament to not only science, but the power of the collective love we felt throughout our journey.

We are proud to have birth baby number 50 from your frozen egg bank. Congratulations on creating miracles and changing lives every single day. We miss you all and look forward to a return once we recover from the lost sleep of having twins.


A & L