Egg Freezing Cost and Finance

There are several components when considering the overall cost of egg freezing. Blood tests are required to determine your suitability and the proper medication dose.

The estimated cost for pre-screening is $300. (Additional pre-testing may be required depending on a woman’s general health). The estimated medication cost to stimulate the ovaries is $2,500 – $5,000 depending on the patient’s age and health.

The West Coast Fertility Center Experience

As one of the pioneers in egg freezing since the year 2000, we offer a Single Cycle of egg freezing at a cost of $8,000 and a Two-Cycle Package for $12,000. This fee includes all of the following…
  1. Office visits & monitoring during your stimulation
  2. Pelvic ultrasounds
  3. Blood tests during stimulation
  4. Anesthesia by a Certified Physician
  5. Egg retrieval by Dr. David Diaz
  6. Surgical suite fee and supplies
  7. Laboratory Fees: Processing, Handling, Equilibration, Freezing Eggs
  8. Egg preparation for cryopreservation

(Compare our price to other less experienced programs that charge the national price range of up to $12,000.) Depending on the woman’s age and health, approximately 6 – 20 eggs can be harvested per freezing cycle. Since no one has all normal mature eggs, our goal is to harvest the greatest number of eggs SAFELY without over stimulating the ovaries. The larger the number of eggs that can be harvested, the more likely some eggs will survive the freezing and thawing process. Usually, a woman will need to thaw 6 frozen eggs per each cycle  in order to yield 2 or 3 embryos for transplant to the uterus.


Egg Freezing Financing

Apply for financing and make low monthly payments for your egg freezing procedure with Prosper Healthcare Lending and/or New Life Fertility Financing.

Please contact our business office at 714-513-1399 to obtain more information about egg freezing financing.

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Egg Freezing Innovation and Success

Given our experience, reputation and dedication to egg freezing for fertility preservation for 18 years, we are able to offer egg freezing to our patients at a lower price. In 2011, the great success of our frozen egg pregnancy program led Dr. David Diaz to host the world’s first reunion of babies born from frozen eggs in Orange County, California.