Questions to Ask Before You Freeze Your Eggs

If you are considering freezing your own eggs, it is critical to ask the following questions…

  1. What is the Survival Rate when frozen eggs are thawed?
  2. How many Live Births have been reported at the center?
  3. How many Eggs are Thawed per Attempt to produce a pregnancy?
  4. What is the Cost of the Egg Freezing procedure?
Survival Rate at West Coast Fertility Centers
Live Births, and counting at WCFC
Eggs Thawed per Attempt at WCFC
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Why Choose WCFC to Freeze Your Eggs

  • Over 14 years of experience
  • Healthy, live births of 100+ babies
  • Dedication and continual research and development to egg freezing
  • Hosted the world’s first reunion of babies born from frozen eggs
  • Offer both freezing techniques: conventional & vitrification