Being a 34 year old female, I have thought about egg freezing for 2 years. I did not want my biological clock to dictate when I should get married and have children. After reading about Dr. Diaz and all the great work he has done, I decided to proceed.

The staff at West Coast Fertility Center has been fantastic!! It is a sigh of relief knowing my little eggs are now safe in a freezer until it’s time I decide to have children. I cannot say “thank you” enough to West Coast Fertility Center for their professionalism and care to their patients.

Yvonne L.

The vitality of human eggs is at its peak during the active years of a woman’s reproductive life (age 15-35 years) making it more likely that a spontaneous pregnancy can occur. However, for a variety of reasons, these years may not coincide with the time frame when a woman chooses to become pregnant. The physical properties that make an egg fertile during youth can now be preserved by freezing a woman’s eggs until such a time when she is ready to initiate her family on terms that are suitable for her.

Please contact us to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Diaz to see if egg freezing is right for you.