To Frozen Egg Bank From One Delighted Grandmother


West Coast Fertility Centers recently received an email from the grandmother (and also former patient) of newborn twins born from frozen eggs. The proud grandmother had this to say:

Dear Wonderful Office Staff of Dr. Diaz,

My stepdaughter has given birth to healthy twin boys. After much family encouragement and family support, she chose to participate in your frozen donor egg program. We all know that these births occurred as a direct result of the incredible teamwork of your staff, our family and the pioneer of this specialized frozen egg donor program by Dr. Diaz. We now have a beautiful addition to our family.

You may remember that I came to West Coast Fertility Centers in the winter of 1993 to achieve a pregnancy of my own. There I was with one failed IVF attempt trying to use my own eggs at 40 years old. After much trepidation, we went forward with Dr. Diaz’ fresh donor program. Who ever heard of frozen eggs back then? They didn’t exist! After the first attempt, I was pregnant. Our daughter came into our lives, and is now a freshman in high school.

It’s amazing how far our technology has come. We were able to offer exciting new technology to this patient, something that was unheard of when her stepmother was seeking fertility help just 16 years ago. Since then, our scientists have perfected the art of egg freezing and are happy to offer this very new service. Through the use of the frozen egg donation program, we were able to help this family in the addition of two healthy baby boys. Congratulations to the family and their newfound happiness.