Cadyn’s mom was busy establishing her career as a business entrepreneur when one day she decided it was time to have a baby and start her family. She asked Dr. David Diaz at the egg freezing program at West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County, California to thaw the frozen eggs and inseminate them using in-vitro fertilization.

At just the right time, the embryos were carefully placed into the uterus under ultrasound guidance. Fertility enhancing hormones were used to prepare the uterine lining to become receptive to the embryos. After two anxious weeks of waiting, the results of the pregnancy test were ready.

“You’re about to become a medical pioneer by being one of the few women in the world to become pregnant with frozen eggs,” said Dr. Diaz to Cadyn’s mother. Although Cadyn was born in 2005, the eggs from which she was conceived were frozen back in 2001.

The frozen egg pregnancy started out very smoothly. However, in the last few weeks, a dangerous obstetrical condition developed when the placenta was noted to be blocking the birth canal. Fortunately, a cesarean delivery was performed and little Cadyn became the first baby conceived from frozen eggs in California.

Cadyn will always hold a very dear place in the hearts of everyone at West Coast Fertility Centers as she was the first frozen egg baby born at the center. Over the years, the WCFC family has remembered and celebrated Cadyn’s birthdays with Barbara.