West Coast Fertility Centers has partnered up with Fertile Action because we both share the same goal to educate and assist women newly diagnosed with cancer understand and take action to preserve their fertility through egg freezing before undergoing cancer treatments that can cause infertility.



Many wonderful plans are in the works and we’ll soon be announcing the benefits of our association with Fertile Action. Below is an excerpt written by Alice Crisci, the founder of Fertile Action.

“I know all too well how overwhelming a cancer diagnosis feels. It happened to me when I was 31-years-old. I wanted to be a mom more than anything else in the world and was devastated to learn my life-saving cancer treatment could make me infertile.

It took less than two weeks for me to prepare my ovaries for egg retrieval and it was the best two weeks of my entire cancer journey. I felt like the medical procedures relating to cancer were being done to me, but preserving my fertility was the one, positive thing I was choosing for me.

I loved every step of my fertility preservation journey (except for the the American Express bill). My totsicles (frozen embryos) are truly what got me through treatment. Every time I wanted to give up, I thought about the children waiting to be born to me, their Mama.

I launched Fertile Action to ensure other women could preserve their fertility prior to cancer treatment. Three years later, I launched Fertile Action Network (FAN) to eliminate cost as the barrier to male and female cancer survivors becoming parents through IVF, adoption, surrogacy or egg, embryo and sperm donation. We won’t stop until all cancer survivors who want to become parents actualize their dream.”

With vision and gratitude,

Alice Crisci

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