Human eggs are fragile whether they are freshly harvested or frozen and thawed. They are large, water filled cells that require a meticulous preparation before freezing and subsequent thawing.

Unfortunately for the consumer, the vast majority of clinics offering “egg freezing” have never even attempted to thaw a single one of their patients’ eggs. This is a glaring example of why egg freezing is still considered “experimental.” In the hands of experienced practitioners who practice the art of egg freezing, the success rate in the favorable patient age group approximates those of a fresh IVF cycle.

When Considering Egg Freezing, You Must Ask the Following Key Questions:

  1. What is the Survival Rate when frozen eggs are thawed? (91% at West Coast Fertility)
  2. How many Live Births have been reported at the center? (62 at West Coast Fertility & 8 On-going Pregnancies as of May 2011)
  3. How many Eggs are Thawed per Attempt to produce a pregnancy? (6 at West Coast Fertility Centers)
  4. What is the Cost of the Egg Freezing Procedure? (Contact us!)


Since it is accepted that the definition of fertility treatments is the birth of a healthy baby, we are curious to know the live birth rates after egg thawing from the other fertility clinics who offer egg freezing. We are very proud to report that egg freezing at West Coast Fertility Centers has resulted in the Birth of 62 Healthy Babies with many on-going pregnancies from frozen eggs as of May 2011. Like many other areas of medicine, egg freezing and thawing should be left to experienced experts who practice it often and practice it well. Egg Freezing Specialist, Dr. David, and his team are among the world’s foremost authorities in the science of egg freezing.