Freezing Eggs vs. Freezing Embyros – Helping Couples Sleep at Night

Having experienced infertility for six years, I often assume people know the difference between eggs and embryos. However, conversations in recent years with couples who have never gone through infertility revealed a tendency to use egg and embryo interchangeably. In simple terms, eggs are what the woman provides to the biological baby-making equation. They have [...]

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Elective Egg Freezing

I remember when going through infertility treatments, we were constantly arguing with people over whether infertility insurance coverage should be provided universally for couples who need medical assistance to have a baby. A relative who happens to work in the medical field said it shouldn’t be covered because it is “optional” to have a child, [...]

By | November 30th, 2015|Health & Medicine|

Cancer Treatments & Egg Freezing

I have struggled with a way to approach this topic that is both sensitive to the women facing cancer every year, while speaking to the hardwired biological desire that women have to bear a child. I had to start by pondering what our journey would have looked like had Lisa received a cancer diagnosis before [...]

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The Scoop on Egg Freezing Parties

Women will use any excuse to throw a party. There are housewarming parties, divorce parties and even parties to sell you products to clean your house. So the newest party type should be of no surprise - egg freezing parties. But why in the world would women want to throw a party around the subject [...]

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Who Egg Freezing Is For

When I first heard about egg freezing, it was in the context of allowing women to protect their reproductive biology from the harmful effects of chemotherapy during cancer treatment. One of the side effects of a chemotherapy regimen is its potential to cause temporary or permanent damage to a woman’s ovaries. By freezing the eggs [...]

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What Is Egg Freezing?

So you’ve mapped out your future and everything is planned down to the month. You’ll have the keys to that executive washroom after your 10th year of ladder climbing. There will be a few cruises to the Caribbean, that leap out of a plane to land on a target in the middle of a field [...]

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Preserving Your Fertility with Egg Freezing Before Breast Cancer Treatments

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. West Coast Fertility Centers encourage all young breast cancer patients who want to have children in the future discuss fertility preservation by egg freezing with their oncologists. The gonadotoxic effects of chemotherapeutic drugs are known to potentially lead to infertility due to chromosomal effects in the oocyte (eggs). [...]

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Why Oncologists Should Inform Their Cancer Patients about Egg and Sperm Freezing Before Cancer Treatments

Up to 90% of young cancer patients are at risk for infertility after chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Less than 25% of Oncologists inform all eligible patients about their risks and options with fertility. The average patient has 2-6 weeks to preserve fertility before starting treatment. Fears and misconceptions exist about fertility treatments and the safety [...]

By | August 11th, 2011|Health & Medicine|

How Cancer Affects Fertility

Approximately 140,000 Americans under the age of 45 are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer survival rates are higher than they have ever been and patients under the age of 45 now have a 77% survival rate. Simultaneously, there are more fertility preservation options than ever before. So, while cancer treatments can be permanently sterilizing, the reproductive [...]

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Key Questions to Ask Your Doctor if You’re Considering Egg Freezing

While many facilities claim they can freeze eggs, few clinics have ever thawed any frozen eggs and only a handful have ever achieved a live birth from frozen eggs. It is pertinent to ask the following questions to your physician if he/she proposes egg freezing to you. Ask the Following Key Questions: What is the [...]

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