1. Up to 90% of young cancer patients are at risk for infertility after chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
  2. Less than 25% of Oncologists inform all eligible patients about their risks and options with fertility.
  3. The average patient has 2-6 weeks to preserve fertility before starting treatment.
  4. Fears and misconceptions exist about fertility treatments and the safety of pregnancy after cancer.
  5. “As part of informed consent prior to therapy, Oncologists should address the possibility of infertility with patients as early in treatment planning as possible,” according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology Recommendations on Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients.

Potential Impact After Cancer for Women

  • Depletion in number of eggs = early menopause
  • Germ Cell failure = premature ovarian failure
  • Reduced production of ovarian hormones = early menopause
  • Uterine/tube fibrosis = interference with fertilization and implantation
  • Uterine vascular insufficiency = inability to maintain pregnancy


Solution for Fertility Preservation for Women Before Undergoing Cancer Treatments

Patients can now preserve fertility by freezing their unfertilized eggs at West Coast Fertility Center’s Fertility Preservation Program. The diagnosis of cancer can be devastating at any age, but is especially difficult for young women who must begin chemotherapy or radiation potentially damaging to their reproductive organs. This moving video depicts an interview with a brave young patient who courageously opted to freeze her eggs before undergoing cancer treatment for lymphoma.

Potential Impact After Cancer for Men

  • Reduced testosterone (Leydig cell dysfunction-Leydig cells product testosterone in the presence of luteinizing hormone LH)
  • Germ cell failure (Decreased, damaged and absent sperm production)
  • Damage to duct system to transport sperm (Ejaculatory dysfunction)
  • Damage to pelvic nerves (Sexual and ejaculatory dysfunction)

Solution for Fertility Preservation for Men Before Undergoing Cancer Treatments

  • Sperm Freezing (cryopreserving semen samples) is the answer. The process is quick and easy.