Intended Parents, Step by Step Process
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egg donation ivf step by step processWe believe we have designed an efficient system to help you become a client of FEB.

Step One: Starting the Matching Process

An easy first step is to browse our donor database to view the profiles where you can obtain basic information about each donor (See our Donor Profiles at the bottom of this page). Please understand that our egg donors have taken a bold step by providing the gift of life to someone struggling with infertility. Donors share much of their life history and medical facts with us and undergo intense screening to achieve the status of anonymous egg donor. Still, they are concerned that their images not be available to the general public but are willing to share this with our established clients. We have come to know our donors well through numerous interviews, examinations and questionnaires and have developed a composite of their personality, special talents and their own dreams and aspirations. These are intangible traits that cannot be conveyed adequately in a capsule summary but are very useful in helping our staff match our clients to the most suitable donor.

Step Two: Matching Intended Parents to an Egg Donor

Our Intended Parent Matching Profile™ should be completed by you and a partner (if indicated) and returned to us along with a photo of you as a couple to initiate the matching process. There is a non-refundable fee of $500 payable before the matching process begins. Your information is kept strictly confidential and viewed exclusively by our staff. Using the information in your profile and our familiarity with each donor, we will make a recommendation for a match that suits your needs. This process involves a careful review of your profile by our matching committee and then contacting you be phone and/or email. We will send you photos of the proposed donor along with additional background information. If the first recommendation is not accepted, a second matching attempt will be made at our client’s request. If you do not accept our second recommendation for the match, FEB’s obligation is considered finalized. At this point, you can request that we initiate a nationwide search for a suitable donor as explained in Step 3 below.

Step Three: Performing a National Search for Your Egg Donor

If you request that we conduct a national donor search, our expanded search fee of $3,000 (U.S.) valid for 3 months, will be due before the search begins. Once the donor choice is accepted from the national search there will additional fees to cover the cost of compensation to the donor, medical pretesting of the donor, one time medical insurance for the donor, medications to stimulate the donor’s ovaries, travel and hotel expenses for a donor and companion, daily allowance, transportation costs. The approximate total expenses may range from $30,000 to $40,000 (U.S.).

Step Four: Becoming a New Patient

If you agree to accept our recommended donor match, you must establish yourself as a patient at West Coast Fertility Center, our co-founder medical facility with over 20 years experience in the field of assisted reproduction. The fee for the initial new patient consultation at our fertility center is $300. Once you have decided to accept our recommended match from Step 2, the cost of procuring the frozen eggs is $18,000 U.S. We usually replace 2 embryos into the maternal uterus but if surplus embryos remain, you may elect to have them frozen and stored for one year at no additional cost to you. However, this fee does not include pre-testing for the female and male nor does it include the medications needed to prepare the female to receive the embryos. We will forward you our FEB New Patient Questionnaire™ and medical history form to be completed and returned to our center. If you live in Southern California, the initial consultation will be held in person but a phone consultation is also available. Please be ready to provide detailed medical and gynecologic information to help us determine which additional tests will be required. You should already be under the care of your primary doctor and an OB/GYN specialist since certain medical conditions will preclude your enrollment in our program. Some examples of high risk factors include but not limited to: hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, blood disorders, cancer, uterine fibroids, hydrosalpinx (water-filled tubes) and others. Finally, the upper age limit for becoming a patient at FEB is 48 years.

In summary, we are pleased you have submitted the FEB on-line initial inquiry and look forward to helping you navigate smoothly to the ultimate goal of having a baby.

NOTE: Detailed profiles of our donors are available only to registered patients at Global Donor Egg Bank. To preview donor profiles at Global Donor Egg Bank, please Click here.