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Winter Savings of 30% OFF Regular Pricing

Egg Freezing Special of $6,450*
Normal Pricing $9,257
*pre-testing, medication or storage off premises are not included


West Coast Fertility Centers have dedicated over 10 years to develop and perfect the science of egg freezing and now have the highest number of babies born from egg freezing in the country. Our proprietary Landa Freezing Technology is used by 7 centers throughout the United States.

Are You a Candidate for Egg Freezing?

  • Women wishing to delay child-bearing for career or personal reasons.
  • Women diagnosed with cancer who wish to store their eggs before cancer treatments.
  • Couples who prefer egg freezing versus embryo freezing for religious and/or ethical reasons.
  • Women whose best option for pregnancy is with young, frozen donor eggs.
  • Women wishing to donate eggs for our egg bank program. Donor compensation is available.


Help extend your fertility by acting now to freeze your eggs while they’re still healthy!

Make no mistake that a woman’s fertility declines steadily after reaching peak levels between ages 18 and 25. After the age of 35, the average woman’s fertility drops by about one half! By age 40 the average fertility rate is 15% of that of a woman at age 25.

This decline in pregnancy continues until it reaches very low levels of 1% or less per month at age 44 and beyond. For these reasons, egg freezing is best performed for women 38 years or younger.

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