West Coast Fertility would like to congratulate Celine Dion and her husband, Rene Angelil, on the birth of their fraternal twin boys on October 23, 2010. The twin boys are healthy and weigh in at 5 lbs., 4 oz., and 5 lbs., 10 oz.

The couple achieved their first pregnancy in 2001 following an IVF treatment and decided to freeze their extra embryos for a later time. These embryos were frozen for 8 years before Celine and her husband decided to try to have a second child. After multiple IVF attempts to grow their family, they were finally successful.

Photo courtesy of Lilly Pamberger/Celebrity Photo

Photo courtesy of Lilly Pamberger/Celebrity Photo

Prior to receiving any infertility treatment, Rene was diagnosed with cancer. Before starting any chemo-radiation, he froze his semen because of his desire to one day have children with Celine. Having a family was something very important to both Celine and Rene, and with their quick thinking, they were able to plan ahead and preserve their fertility.

Fertility Preservation is an important option for single men, women, and couples who desire to fulfill professional and personal goals while putting off plans to have children. As a woman increases in age, the number of her available eggs will start to exponentially decrease. Not only will this number decrease but so will the quality of these eggs while the chances of genetic abnormalities will start to drastically increase. It is important to consider preserving your fertility when you have a higher chance of freezing better quality eggs.

Fertility Preservation is also an important option to consider for patients just like Rene that have received an unfortunate diagnosis and must undergo chemo-radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is very damaging to both egg and sperm production and can result in fertility problems unless the patient considers fertility preservation prior to receiving any treatment.

Until very recently, patients were only given the option to freeze their embryos, but now there is a new option available. Single women now have the ability to freeze their eggs, just as a single male can freeze his sperm. Patients can choose to freeze their eggs/embryos/semen today and save this precious gift for sometime in the future. Once frozen eggs/embryos/semen can remain stored for much longer than 8 years, as in Celine and Rene’s case.

Watch video of Celine’s Infertility Struggle on ABC News.