West Coast Fertility Centers are looking for college-trained female egg donors of all ethnicities to help infertile couples achieve their dream of having a child. Not only is there a financial reward, but you are giving the gift of life to someone who otherwise would not be able to conceive their own child! West Coast Fertility Centers have a proven track record of live births and our clients are anxious to select your frozen donor eggs immediately.



  • Non-smoker between the age of 18 -30.
  • Normal body mass index (BMI).
  • Enrolled or completed college. Verification required.
  • Knowledge of family health history.
  • Donor candidates must complete several medical examinations with us before they may be accepted into our program.
  • Compensation starts at $4,000.

There is no waiting to be matched to a specific recipient and you are therefore compensated faster than through traditional Donor Egg Agencies. Other advertised programs that are also seeking egg donors are mainly donor egg agencies where, if qualified, you will most likely wait to be chosen by some future intended parents.

At West Coast Fertility Centers, we are a fully equipped facility and all testing, screening, monitoring and egg harvesting are conducted in-house. If you are qualified, you can begin your journey as an egg donor and get compensated quickly, following the egg harvest.

To get started, please contact us.