West Coast Fertility Centers have matched hundreds of frozen eggs with intended parents who have chosen donor eggs as the most effective way to start or enlarge their family.


Several advantages are apparent when comparing frozen donor eggs vs. traditional donor eggs. Some of these advantages are:

Frozen eggs are more affordable

The cost of a donor frozen egg cycle from West Coast Fertility is less costly than traditional egg donation.

Frozen eggs are ready

There is no time lost in preparing the donor for egg harvest and the donors have already met all testing requirements.

Cycles with frozen eggs are less complex

There are no problems such as cycle synchronization, failed donor appointments, donor non-compliance, no travel expenses for the donor and no accidental pregnancies or medication errors.

Future attempts with the same donor are possible with frozen eggs

You have the choice of reserving additional frozen eggs from the same donor with verification of availability.

Unlimited Choices

You can expand your donor selection beyond the geographical area of your doctor’s office. You may select a donor from any agency and we will retrieve her eggs and ship them to you.

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